We flipped the script on pet cannabinoid science

CHOU2 PHARMA utilizes science-forward, advanced isolation and encapsulation technologies to achieve exceptional formulation and dosing accuracy, in addition to advanced product efficacy and stability. This process allows us to leverage an array of the 118 cannabinoids (not just CBD), to target specific concerns more accurately. Triple-tested by accredited third-party labs, our products are safe and effective.

Our team is comprised of the brightest minds and leaders in the veterinary and cannabinoid industries. Collectively, the CHOU2 PHARMA team and associates have provided cannabinoid treatments to over 400k human patients, and general & specialty care for countless animal ailments.

Our goal is to enrich the pet cannabinoid care space, by not only providing a superior product, but also the necessary education and support for veterinarians and pet parents. We will provide access to educational materials, product testing information, and information on our clinical trials and results.

We want to help answer questions like:

      • Is CBD or other cannabinoid treatment the right choice for my pet’s needs?
      • How do I know I am giving my pet the right dose?
      • Is the dose I’m providing reaching my pet’s system and addressing the targeted health goals?
      • Are there any dangerous side effects I need to be worried about for my pet?

What makes CHOU2 PHARMA products different?

      • Formulated by industry leaders, doctors and experts in the Endocannabinoid System and all 118 cannabinoids
      • Our proprietary formulations utilize specific, isolated cannabinoids targeted for your pet needs – removing all excess ingredients and filler
      • Our products are formulated and manufactured for improved shelf life stability, taste and odor masking for easy administration, and improved bioavailability/efficacy
      • Encapsulated using all-natural, advanced nano-molecular technology
      • Easy to administer and accurately dose
      • Safe and effective
      • Triple-tested by accredited third-party labs