Our Process and Ingredients:

Most people are familiar with CBD and THC, yet there are 118+ cannabinoid molecules in hemp. Using our all-natural Cannolation Purification System, we isolate each of those molecules. That gives us the power to select them precisely to create formulas we can reliably reproduce. 

The cannabinoids we collect offer total ingredient purity. Then we encapsulate the selected molecules—when the application calls for it. 

For all of our soft chews, encapsulation will protect the molecule as it passes through the digestive system. That allows it to be absorbed into the bloodstream—without being broken down by the acidic upper GI—where the formula can have a long-term effect. 

On the other hand, we don’t encapsulate products that need to work quickly, such as when a thunderstorm calls for a fast-acting calming effect. 

The right molecules in the right format. All meticulously formulated with leading pet food experts and produced by top-tier manufacturing partners.

Plants aren’t known for following precise guidelines. Good thing we are.

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