Help them face summer with a


They don’t understand fireworks.
Good thing they have you to keep them chill.

Help them face
summer with a



They don’t understand fireworks. Good thing they have you to keep them chill.

Chill acts quickly to promote relaxation for your pup, taking the bite out of summer storms and celebrations.

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The CHOU2 PHARMA Difference

Experts in our fields. Dog-lovers in our hearts.

We’re a team of industry-leading experts in veterinary medicine, cannabinoid science and precision manufacturing. Our products are precisely created to help dogs live their best life—during the summer and all year long.

99.99% pure, powerful and created just for dogs

Our Cannolation Purification System empowers us to extract the precise molecules needed for each formula. Your dog receives only the cannabinoids can help your pup relax, leaving impurities and unwanted chemicals behind.

Fast results when you need them most

What good is a treatment that kicks in when the fireworks have ended or the storm has blown over? Other treats or pills can activate slowly, or not at all. Our oral solution is designed to be fast acting and highly bioavailable, to soothe your dog quickly during a stressful event.

Why choose Chill?

>> Safe and natural stress relief

>> Fast-acting formula

>> No THC, grain or soy

Tips for keeping your dog safe during fireworks season

Consult your veterinarian

If your dog shows signs of distress caused by fireworks and other loud noises, talk to your veterinarian. While many pets suffer from anxiety, there are options to bring them relief.

Keep your dog inside or at a distance from fireworks

Make sure your dog has a comfy spot in your home that makes them feel safe. Consider a dog bed in the basement or in the center of the house, away from windows and doors. If they don’t mind being outside while fireworks are going off, keep them a safe distance away from where they’re being stored and lit.

Make sure your dog is easy to identify

Unfortunately, animal control shelters report up to 60% more* lost pets as the fireworks start popping. Some dogs become so frightened that they jump fences or escape through doors and windows. 

Up-to-date contact info on your dog’s ID tags ensures that a helpful hero can reach you quickly when they find your scared pup. And if your dog is microchipped and properly registered, you can reunite safely even if they slip out of their collar.